Did Samsung Ruin Apple’s Big Day?

So today, Apple releases it’s new iPhone XR to Apple stores and retailers around the world. It’s on the low end of Apple’s new phones coming out this year. In fact, you can get one for under $800. But Bloomberg Magazine just released a bombshell by rival Samsung, on this very day. Did Samsung ruin Apple’s big day?

First of all, Samsung, through Bloomberg Magazine, gave many a detail about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. But that’s just the beginning. They teased about the revolutionary folding smartphone. The call the secret device Winner. Furthermore, Samsung worked on this project for years. The work still continues this day because they don’t know whether to make this horizontal or vertical. From pictures I saw, the landscape nature portrait looked great. However, many on the designer team don’t like it. Here is what we know. You can fold the device. Furthermore, when you do, the screen will be four inches. The display will open like a snap. But there are still concerns. Just make sure your screen doesn’t crack. Because when it does, it will crack like paper.

Keep in mind Samsung tested this ‘Winner’ over 200,000 times, by closing it that many times. They don’t expect the phone to be released until the Spring of 2019. That’s all I know for now, because, like I said, much of this project is under wraps. But back to this question: Did Samsung ruin Apple’s big day? They did announce their upcoming products on their XR release day. I doubt that was coincidence. That was by design.? It’s a typical one in the IT service/smartphone wars. I also read stories of how XR sales are going right now. They’re not good. You don’t see long lines at Apple stores for this XR. That may mean little to us computer repair folks, but to Apple, that’s pretty concerning. Did Samsung ruin Apple’s big day, or is that happening without Samsung’s announcement?

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