The Samsung Folding Smartphone: Is It A Likelihood?

So, do you know about the folding smartphone? Well, here is a small example. But now, Samsung, who talked a good game for years about this, might be showing up. The Samsung folding smartphone: Is it a likelihood?

So keep in mind much of this is ‘he said, she said’ speculation. I don’t particularly like doing articles like this, but it’s a slow tech news day around here. However, Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh says it’s time to deliver. He also hints the delivery could come in November 2018. This conference will take place in San Francisco, CA, in the heart of IT service land, Silicon Valley.

But here is why I say ‘speculation’. Because Koh didn’t talk about how the Samsung folding smartphone will work. He gave a little about the thought process and ensures this project will have the utmost functionality. In fact, Koh hints that his company won’t rest until customers say, “Wow. This is the reason Samsung made it”. He said he’s going to change Samsung’s approach to the ‘mid-tier’ smartphone market. They’re targeting millenials and gen-zers (gen-z means those born after 1999) who can’t afford the high end smartphones. Could this be a clue of what the Samsung folding smartphone will cost?

If it is, then that will be the only clue they give us. We don’t know what hardware or software features this will have. We don’t know about apps, AI, or facial recognition it might or might not offer. In fact, we don’t even know what the price is. But when Koh talks about this folding smartphone, he wants to target younger people. That could be a clue in price, a clue in IT support, or maybe both. But we do know some people want this phone. And they’ve been wanting it for years. How much longer will they wait? The Samsung Galaxy smartphone: Is it a likelihood?


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