Pocket’s App Reads For You And Then Some

So many of us know Pocket as the ‘article app. In fact, some of us in computer repair call it ‘the media app’. That’s because it gives and manages your Internet news articles. It’s now growing up because Pocket’s app reads for you.

So you find an article. But you don’t have time to read it right now and save it in Pocket to read later. But now, Pocket’s app reads for you. However, you have to get Pocket’s latest app, the Pocket 7.0. With this, you can listen to your favorite articles, news, and other audio things without even looking at your smartphone. How does this work?

All you have to do is tap ‘Listen’. Then, listen to spoken versions of your articles. Are you tired of voice technology sounding like robots? Then Pocket 7.0 will accommodate you. Because it add what they call ‘a more human voice’. This way, it actually feels like a human being, not a computer, is reading you your articles. The Pocket 7.0 also includes less clutter on your view. It also has new fonts and texts and lights, so you can read in the dark. The Pocket 7.0 is available on Android and Apple devices. You can also get it on your desktop.

I think this would be a good app for Pocket users. But I do have a few quite a few questions. What will this human voice sound like? Or will there be different versions of voices for people to choose from? With the way IT support is going, they can do that now. Imagine driving in your car listening to your favorite articles in 7.0 instead of looking at them. You learn a lot faster, and of course, it’s never safe to drive and look at your device. Unfortunately, some people still have to learn that the hard way. Will you be getting the Pocket 7.0 app?

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