New and Next Fitbit: What’s Their Plan

So James Park founded Fitbit in 2007. At first, it sold IT support fitness trackers. Then, it eventually evolved to smartphones. But wait…. Here is the new and next Fitbit.

They did it before. They tried to sale smartwatches before. However, it didn’t go so well. The hardware and software was mediocre. Sales were laughable. If you think their past failures deterred Fitbit, then you got another thing coming.? Because Fitbit promises not only a second smartwatch, but one with more appeal. So let’s see if this is real, or if these are just empty words.

First of all, this watch is smaller. To me, the larger the better. But not everyone feels that way. In fact, many complain that smartwatches are already too big in size. This is especially true for some demographics. So maybe smaller is better. Then they turned their Pebble roots. Back in December 2016, Fitbit bought out Pebbles. They bought them out not just to save jobs, but to use their IT service to build a smartwatch. Pebbles did, and will serve as a platform, despite it being defunct 15 months ago. Of course, the new and next Fitbit journey is by no means finished. In fact, it’s just beginning.

I say this because there’s still a lot they need to work on. One thing is apps. They need to find a way to improve and add more apps. They need to work on other software, too. Their previous smartwatch performance was so bad that even investors are nervous to help out. I hope the new and next Fitbit does well. Because the smartwatch game needs more competition. Between you and me, I’m tired of Apple and Samsung having most of the smartphone fun and profits. I would like Fitbit to cut in and for competition to be tighter. What would you like to see out of the new Fitbit smartphone?

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