The New Blackberry Keyboard: Genius or Failure?

In the mid-2000s, the Blackberry was the premier cellphone. Then, in 2007, the smartphone came along. So this was the beginning of the end of the Blackberry era. Now, it is making a comeback. But let’s talk about the keyboard. The new Blackberry keyboard: genius or failure?

They call the new Blackberry the KeyOne. The debate is the keyboard. The new Blackberry keyboard looks just like it did 10 years ago. But I must admit. the new phone looks very 2017. It’s an Android device with top security, apps and Google Nougat. It also has the Snapdragon 625 processor. Phone maker TLC is responsible for bringing the smartphone back, or at least, attempting to. But if you look at the screen, it looks like a modern sleek smartphone.

But then you look at the price. How much are you willing to pay this new Blackberry KeyOne? Maybe$100? How about $200? Consequently, you’d better be ready to shell out $550 for this new blackberry keyboard. Not only that, there are some things the KeyOne doesn’t have, like dual cameras and triple imaging sensors. But according to many reviews, the new Blackberry keyboard is easy to use and rivals keyboard on expensive smartphones. The Blackberry KeyOne should be available to the public in April 2017.

But will the public want it? Yes, there are some Blackberry users that will follow this brand no matter what. Let’s face it; there are Apple and Android followers that will follow the brand, no matter what. But what about everybody else? I find it hard to believe average smartphone users will pay $550 for KeyOne or the new blackberry keyboard. Keep in mind anybody can get a decent smartphone for well under $100 today. If KeyOne even wants to survive, they’d better have technology that rivals that of the Apple iPhone 7. And even then, it’s a gamble. It’s either that or significantly lower this ridiculous price. ?But if you must get this Key One, remember: At our Boston computer service shop, we do a mean screen replacement. Okay, with the plug aside, the new Blackberry keyboard: genius or failure?

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