Kudos: Teaching Kids to Respect Smartphones

How many parents worry about their kids being on smartphones too much? I’m sure there are many, but one app is doing something about it. Here is to Kudos: Teaching kids to respect smartphones.

They made this app for children ages 8-13. So this app teaches kids of this age group to be responsible social media citizens. It also has around the clock moderation.? And they seem to be on their way. They moved to Silicon Valley, at a time many IT service companies are leaving. They also have help from Disney and Pixar, as well as over 5.7 million from capitalist investors.

A Norwegian man named?Vidar Hestaas invented Kudos. It started when Hestaas caught his 7 year-old son used his older sister’s Snapchat and Instagram. The son did this because he’s too young to use them; the minimum age is 13. So he invented Kudos not only to let younger kids use apps, but to teach them how to communicate with dignity and to be safe. In fact, the 7-year old encouraged him to make the app. Hestaas insists kids, and parents, keep a positive atmosphere. For example, they appoint ambassadors for those who model good social media behavior. They also have humans and software monitoring activity 24/7, reporting activity to parents.

Now I know what some of you are going to say. “Children that age are too young to use smartphones”. Maybe that was true in 2010. But today’s 13-year-old was born in 2004. They probably can’t even remember a time without smart devices. And you know today’s 8-year-old certainly doesn’t. So whether we like it or not, smartphone is here today. We’ve told people that in our computer service shop. So since it’s here, we need to teach pre-teens responsibility and accountability. We also need to teach them smartphones can be used for good, not evil. Then teach them to use it for good, instead of evil. I know many parents are concerned with bullying, especially in today’s social-political hostile climate. But how cool would it be if today’s 8-13 year olds were the first generation to stamp out online bullying and online hatred? Could Kudos lead the way?

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