Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold Worth $2,000?

So several times now, I talked about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold phone. This could be a revolutionary event in the smartphone and IT service game. Or it could be the biggest flop since 2013’s Google Glass. But let me ask you. Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold worth $2,000?

So yes, it’s here and it’s available now. Off the bat, this mammoth has 12 gigs of RAM and 512 and six cameras. That’s enough to literally, hold data on a small nation. Even when you shut the foldable phone, you still have your main camera to make social media videos. You can use two of them when you open them up. Then the other three are in the back of the phone. It also has two screens, one when close and one when opened. So you almost get 3 for the price of one.

That’s what right with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. But what’s wrong with it? If you can get over that big, obvious crease in the middle of the screen, then you’re doing better than most. Critics also complain about how bulky it is to carry. There is no expandable storage. There is also no 5G (which is a good thing, depending on who you ask). And that $2,000 price isn’t for everybody. But then again, this is a ‘luxury’ phone, right?

However, it’s a better deal than the $2,600 Huawei folding phone. But there are more complications. Yes, the phone is available to order for shipping, but when will you get it? I ask because the demand is so great, they had to push back the shipping dates. So if you have to have this thing, like a few of our computer repair clients do, I strongly urge you to wait until they’re in stores after April 26, 2019. But I ask you again. Is the Samsung Galaxy Fold worth $2,000?

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