India Second In Smartphone Sales…Beats USA

Some probably think the USA sales and consumes more smartphones than any nation in the world. But they are wrong. In fact, we’re not even second…anymore. Because recent numbers put India second in smartphone sales…beating the USA.

In Q3 2017, India sold over 40 million smartphones. Furthermore, in that quarter alone, smartphone sales went up 23%. This is enough to surpass the USA as second in the world in smartphone sales. But it’s still not enough to be China, which leads the world in this area. So what kind of smartphones India buying? Samsung is leading the way. However, Chinese phone maker Xiaomi is closing in.

Also, some in the US may take this as a, “We’re slacking off again,” moment. Don’t be so hard on yourselves. Keep in mind India has over 1.3 billion people. China’s population has over 1.35 billion people. Then you have the USA’s population, which only has 323 million people. So population numbers alone have a lot to do with this IT service trend. Believe or not, smartphone companies are happy with this trend. Many worried India wouldn’t make it to second in smartphone consumption. Issues like poor GDP, poor online quality, censorship issues, high taxes and wealth inequality could have stopped the process. It may have slowed it some, but not stopped it.

This puts India second in smartphone shipping. Will India take China’s spot as #1 in smartphone sales? I doubt it will happen anytime soon. Because in Q3 2017, China outsold India by over 110 million smart devices. But then again, China seems to be headed to for an economic downtown. For instance, people complain of the US jobs heading for China. But now, China is getting too expensive for some companies; note most of these are American companies (aren’t you glad we’re a local computer repair firm?). So now, they’re losing some jobs. Now those who lost jobs probably won’t be able to buy that new smartphone. Could this be India’s opportunity to steal the #1 spot?

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