Huawei Makes News For Right and Wrong Reasons

So remember when the iPhone X came out at around $1,000? That was pretty outrageous. Then came the iPhone XS and XS Max, which ran as high as almost $1,500. But Huawei, the Chinese smartphone giant, is about to top them all. Huawei makes news for right and wrong reasons.

So Huawei is coming out with their latest phone, the Mate X. It’s their new folding phone, and you can expect to pay $2,600 for it. The folding phone seems to be the next big thing. Huawei wants the biggest piece of that they can get. But folding phones don’t come cheap. For example, Samsung has a folding phone that’ll cost $1,900. Some leaders explain that when the notebook came out, it was unbeleivebly expensive. But as it got more popular, the prices became more affordable. That is Huawei’s hope for their $2,600 Mate X.

Huawei is also quite the star at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC). In fact, they’re so big that multiple nations are blocking their 5G infrastructure. This includes the US, Australia and Japan. In Barcelona, people of the MWC claims Huawei said, “…Huawei has now completely taken over the normal course of events”. But the US is especially critical of Huawei, and the feeling is mutual. One Hwawei brags that there is no way the US can beat them.

But Huawei may have an unlikely ally…US President Donald Trump. In a tweet, he hints that he welcomes Huawei as competition. Chairman Ken Hu tweeted back that he agreed and wants to work within the US. The 5G debate has been heated and controversial, to say the least. And Huawei is in the middle of it. But this Mate X could be the next big thing in IT support, IT service, and smartphone use. That’s how Huawei makes news for right and wrong reasons. What do you think of Huawei?

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