Huawei vs USA Part Two. The Lawsuit

So round one of Chinese smartphone giant Huawei vs the US government actually took place in Barcelona, Spain.?This showed up at the last Mobile World Congress. It’s not over yet. In fact, it’s moving to this country. This is Huawei vs USA part two. The lawsuit.

So now, Huawei sues the US government, claiming the USA is limiting them on doing business. The Chinese smartphone firm claims what they’re doing is unconstitutional. Their lawsuit complains about import tariffs the Feds put on them. It also says this makes it impossible for them to do business here in the USA. Furthermore, one exec accuses the US of a spreading a smear campaign, trying to keep American consumers from Huawei.

Yes, the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) does forbid the US gov’t to do business with Huawai. But legal experts say it’s because of national security reasons, not business. The lawsuit is in Texas. The lawsuit claims the plaintiffs don’t even have due process. It’s not just Huawei that’s sounding off. Because the Chinese government is coming to their defense. In fact, one of their foreign minister leaders call this lawsuit “…totally reasonable and understandable”.

But experts say this won’t last very long. Because of the national security issue, they may just dismiss this one. I hope they do. Because you can’t put business ahead of national security. I don’t care what business it is, IT service, smartphones, computer repair, or anything else. Yes, I’m sure the Trump trade war has a lot to do with this. Though Huawei plays the victim, I have little sympathy for them. Look at how hard they’re trying to push 5G technology. Then look at the dangers of 5G that scientist have covered. Yes, the smartphone industry could use more competition. But do we really want it to come from Huawei? What is your take on the Huawei vs USA part two?

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