Happy Windows 10 Day

Happy Windows 10 day, to everybody from Computer Geeks! Today is the day countless people from 190 countries can upgrade from Windows 7, 8, and Windows Phone 8.1 (hopefully nobody’s still holding onto XP!) to Windows 10. And there won’t be a Windows 11.

While Windows 10 is available on PCs, it’s clearly geared toward mobile use. Windows 10’s start button and menu are easy and more manageable. That’s good news for frustrated Windows 8 customers. They’re offering free upgrades for a reason. It’s not out of their generous hearts. They know Apple and Google/Android are on their trail. Thus, Microsoft wants Windows 10 on as many PCs, laptops and smartphones as possible. Currently and financially, the free upgrade isn’t that big of a risk. Windows is less than 3% of Window’s overall revenue. The majority of that doesn’t come from Windows users, but from hardware companies installing their products on PCs and businesses paying for annual and multi-annual licencing. Speaking of PCs, new computers and smartphones already carrying Windows 10 go on sale today. By 2018, Microsoft hopes to have Windows 10 on over a billion machines. ?In conjunction with the Windows 10 debut, celebrations are going on around the world to mark the occasion. Using the hashtags #UpgradeYourWorld and #Vote, you can go on social media to vote for Microsoft’s tenth global charity. I’m going to vote later on because I see a much needed winner. What’s your vote?

So Windows only represents two and a half percent of Microsoft’s entire payroll. Why should Microsoft even put this much effort in Windows 10? Microsoft is putting their reputation on the line. Windows is Microsoft‘s baby, and they need Windows 10 to be the best Windows ever. If Windows users are let down, they can easily go to Apple or Android. And since much of Windows’ profit comes from businesses, they’re not going to like a dysfunctional, inept, disappointing Windows 10. There goes that revenue. What else is on the line with Windows 10 debut?

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