China’s Spyware Demands: But Not On Everyone

In China, there is the?Xinjiang Provence. This province is the home to majority of China’s Muslim population. So why do I bring this up? Because here is where China throws their surveillance weight around. China’s spyware demands: But not on everyone.

Chinese authorities order Xinjiang citizens to install a certain app on their phone. This app spies all talk on their phone 24/7, and follows them around too. They also have sporadic tests to make sure the people have this spyware. In fact, they wrote a note in Arabic as well as Chinese. They call this app the Jingwang app.

The Chinese government is teaching people how to scan QR code to their phones. This allows for China’s spyware demands. Because the Jingwang app detects any terrorist activity, or any other illegal activity for that matter. Or so they say. But what if people rebel or disobey these spyware demands? They will be detained for 10 days. Something tells me it will probably be longer. Human and civil rights activists naturally warn against this app. But they also recognize how powerful Chinese cops are. Xinjiang has a population of about eight million Muslims. Most of them are from Turkey. For decades, they endured lots of oppression at the hands of Communist China.

That’s why we need to be weary of China’s spyware demands. Something tells me they don’t give one care about Xinjiang’s safety or security. But they’re just doing it to impose their will and power. For them to use computer repair and smartphone surveillance is wrong, to say the least. But what does this have to do with us in America? Think about how close our economies are. Think about how big the surveillance culture is. I’m scared to write this because I don’t want to give anybody ideas. Do you really think this can’t happen to the USA?

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