Apple’s Curveballs and Upcoming Products

Yesterday was Apple’s big conference. They did talk about things as planned. But some things threw me in a loop. So let’s look at Apple’s curveballs and upcoming products.

Obviously, we expected a new iPhone to come out. But few expected the iPhone X, (just call it iPhone 10). We expected the screen would take up most of the front, leaving little room for anything else. Many iPhone owners like it that way. However, I wonder how many expected a cut out at the top. This allows for front facing cameras and sensors. Furthermore, those cameras, sensors, and cut out top are there for a reason.

That reason is Face ID. Most of us knew it would be an option to unlock your phone. But here’s another one of Apple’s curveballs: it’s the only way?to unlock your phone. There will be no home home button, no more password, no more Touch ID. This is also the first time iPhone, or any smartphone, did this. You’ll also need Face ID to make Apple Pay purchases. There were rumors that Face ID will help you make great emojis. It looks like that will come true. Then there are the new iWatches. We expected there would be more cellular than the old ones. But another one of Apple’s curveballs…this one is totally cellular. That means your new iWatch will have the same functions as your iPhone…without your iPhone.

The iPhone X will start at $999. The 256GB iPhone X will start at $1,099. The pre-orders start on October 27; the shipping starts at November 3. Or, you can hang out in long lines for hours and be the first in your neighborhood to get the iPhone X. Can you hint the sarcasm there??Nobody in our Boston computer service shop bombarded us with iPhone X questions. That’s a good sign (can you tell how cynical I am of Apple yet?) ?But I’m sorry…this Face ID is reason enough for me not to get the iPhone X. I know everybody is worried about cyber security and rightfully so. But is Face ID the right answer? Or are we a step closer to a monster we don’t want?

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