Apple Releases Inexpensive and Colorful iPhones

So remember the iPhone X? Well, some call it a flop and others call it a success. But later this year, computer repair experts and tech insiders talks about Apple releases inexpensive and colorful iPhones.

So let me be clear. This is not a guarantee. If these releases don’t happen, then don’t call our computer service shop with your angry questions. However, Apple writers predict they’ll release iPhones in colors like orange, red and blue. These phones will also have facial recognition and edge to edge screens. This is just what Apple users expect. But keep in mind no Apple iPhone comes in orange or blue, at least not recent ones. And the only time Apple released a red phone is to promote worthy causes, like fighting AIDS/HIV in Africa.

These new phones will probably cost $650-$750. That’s considerably less than what the iPhone X costed upon it’s release: $1,000. There will be at least two versions of this potential new phone. One is an OLED 6.5 inch. The other will be 6.1 LCD phone. These phones should have many of the other SIM capabilities. But we can tell you the LCD phone won’t come with dual camera system. From what I gathered so far, this is the only setback. But these will be higher end iPhones.

Let’s just say Apple releases inexpensive and colorful iPhones. If they pull this off, then we can expect them to come out in fall 2018. It just might happen. Because I saw pictures of leaked photos of a gold version. For years, Apple customers called on their brand to sell cheaper versions of high end smartphones. They also called on them to sell more colorful ones. Now, they might get their with. If these phones are a go, then experts say we can expect a banner Q4 2018 for Apple. Some even say they can sell 70 million of them before the clock strikes 2019. How do you feel about these less expensive and colorful iPhones?

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