Apple Is Going Back to 1970

Good day, my groovy cats! How would you like to go back to the days of tie dye shirts, miniskirts, monster afros and dashikis? Instead of watching The Walking Dead and Empire, we can watch American Bandstand and Laugh-In. Apple is going back to 1970.

Let me explain. There is a nasty virus going around iPhones lately. If you have any mobile Apple device, do NOT set the date to 1/1/1970. If you do, it will stop working and it takes a trip to the Apple Store to revive it. But in most cases, even the Apple technicians are dumbfounded by this one. When a phone is unresponsive, it’s referred to as a brick phone because like a brick, all it can do is just lay there. Cyber trolls worsen the situation by deliberately releasing fake images just to trip people up. To this day, we don’t know what causes this virus (or Apple isn’t talking about it). But we have Apple’s word they are trying to solve it. There’s a statement on Apple support’s website claiming, “An upcoming software will prevent this issue from affecting iOS devices.” They urged anyone affected by this should call Apple Support. Nonetheless, there is no word when the upcoming software will be available.

For some people, it’s already too late. For some, the best thing they can do is get a new device. At best, under Apple Care, it’s just an aggravation. At worst, people will have to pay hundreds of dollars to get another device. I can hear the conspiracy theories now. Some may argue Apple deliberately put this virus out just so people will have to pay for another phone. I highly doubt it. Apple employees are suffering from this just almost as much as consumers are. Think of the backlog, overcrowded stores, and not so cool temperaments going on in Apple stores all over America. How soon do you think it will before Apple can fix this mess?

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