Apple iPhone 7 Supply Update

Did you order the new Apple iPhone 7 online? Do you plan to stand in line all night (and if so, why?!) at an Apple Store? Do you hope this all night adventure will get you an iPhone 7 without a reservation? You better listen up. Here is an Apple iPhone 7 supply update.

Apple already confirms this newest iPhone will be in short supply, especially for those who walk-in, or should I say file in, with no reservation. In a statement, Apple said iPhone 7 in jet black won’t be available for walk-ins. All iPhone 7 Plus models, no matter what color, are already sold out for the initial period. No Plus inventory will be available for immediate purchase. The jet black iPhone 7 is very hard to come by, even for Apple employees and staffs, and they usually have the first crack at new products. The jet black 7 plus gets good reviews all around. That’s the color and flavor most critics and tech journalists chose. So that explains a lot. But fear not, iPhone 7 customer walk-ins. However, iPhone 7 silver, gold, rose gold, and regular black will be available for walk-ins at your nearest Apple store. But even those will be in limited supply. Apple urges you to check for availability before going to the Apple store.

I would also like to advise if you’re not going to get the iPhone 7, don’t go to any Apple Store for the next few days. They’re going to be mad houses. Apple iPhone has something else going for them. Their rivals, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, has problems. Their phones are exploding, literally, so much that recalls are being ordered. Apple isn’t going to tell you this, but it doesn’t take a marketing degree to figure out this works in Apple’s favor. How many Samsung Galaxy Note customers will run into Apple iPhone’s arms? I’m the kind of person that waits for personal testimony, then maybe get the product. Will you be standing in line for the Apple iPhone 7?

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