Apple Face ID Causes Problems Right Before Release

As many of you know, Apple X is coming out next month. So one of the biggest features if Face ID: Apple X only unlocks if it matches your facial features. But this…ahem…selling point could be it’s downfall. Apple Face ID causes problems right before release.

So now, reports say Apple has to change their manufacturing and promotion game. They need to produce more senors quicker. They’re panicking because they may not have enough iPhone X’s even for the first weekend. In fact, such shortages can last for months. That’s not good for the IT support/smartphone giant.

So you must understand, making such cutting edge technology for millions of phone isn’t as easy as it looks. Not even for Apple. Take the dot projector, which is a critical part of the Face ID sensor. They need certain components to to come up with a 3D map of your face. The other problem is Apple’s strict requirements for such tools. If they don’t meet standards, they can’t be used in the device. End of discussion. However, combine it with rigorous iPhone X production. This is not a good combo. In order to increase production, Apple is lowering standards, testing less modules. So basically, there could be more iPhone X’s to go out, but it will the Apple Face ID feature may not live up to the hype.

I wonder will it even matter. Here in our Boston computer service shop, not too many customers or staff members are excited about the iPhone X. This is especially true compared to previous iPhone releases.? Now they’re forcing iPhone X customers to choose. Do you want more phones with less quality, or do you want more quality, with less phone to choose from? It sounds to me the mighty Apple bit off more than they could chew this time. They underestimated how difficult this kind of technology can be. Do you even want an iPhone X at all?

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