Android Pay Turns Into Google Pay

So starting in January 2018, Google brought together all of it’s pay brands into one umbrella. That umbrella is Google Pay. But Android Pay took it’s time getting that memo…until now. Android Pay turns into Google Pay.

With these updates, Google hopes to create a more dominant presence in stores, online and retail, around the world. Then add new designs to Google Wallet. They now call it Google Pay Send. Soon, they will be able to use the app for sending and requesting money, kinda like Western Union. Google Pay consumers can expect this function in the coming days. But wait…that’s not all.

The new Google Pay app will show you stores that will accept Google Pay. This will be according to your location and shopping habits. For example, if I am near our Boston computer service shop. I use my phone to pay for food items. Then it’s going to show grocers, coffee shops, and restaurants near my Boston computer service shop. Or it could be anywhere in your neighborhood, city or town. Google leaders and executives are doing all they can to make this transition as easy as possible. Of course, this is because they want you to use Google Pay as fast as possible.

Here is just one way they’re trying this. Do you have a Bank of America account? It’s the second most popular bank in America, and one of the most popular in the world. If you do, then you can set you the Google Pay app in the Bank of America app. That way, they can intertwine. So this is another way they can get you shopping with Google Pay quicker. I don’t know if they’re doing this with other banks or not. It wouldn’t surprise me. They’re already linking this new app with other apps like AirBnb. That doesn’t surprise me either. But why does Android Pay turns into Google Pay? Is it perhaps to keep up with Apple Pay?

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