Are Medtronic Defibrillators Dangerous?

So let me start off explaining what a defibrillator is. It’s a device that sends electric shocks to the heart. It’s an IT service that can literally mean life or death. They put it in the patient’s chest, and use it to correct things like irregular heartbeats. This sounds great, but Homeland Security issues a warning. Are Medtronic defibrillators dangerous?

So Medtronic is a company that manufacturers health devices.? In fact, Medtronic is the world’s most popular health device maker. But recently, Homeland Security warned their defibrillators don’t require any authority. Also, they don’t encrypt their radio protocol. What does this mean? It means hackers can break in. In fact, Homeland Security says it’s a ‘low skill level’ hack, meaning it’s fairly easy break into.

But don’t get too worried. Because you can’t just attack a stranger’s defibrillator by grabbing them in the street. However, it’s a different story if the patient is at a doctor’s office. When the doctor is checking this IT support device, then it’s at the most venerable. There, a hacker can erase and hijack the device and totally take it over, running any command on it. They say this potential danger affects 20 of Medtronic’s models. The company says they’re not aware of anybody that’s been hacked. But they insists they’re watching updates and promises a fix.

Let’s hope it comes soon. They’re not the only one sharing concerns. Did you know the medical industry will spend over $65 billion on cyber security by 2021? Lives are on the line, literally. In financial hacks, you lose money, financial and personal information. You can get all that back. It happened to me. But you can’t do that when it comes to someone’s physical life. I guess you could turn back time, but the time machine hasn’t been invented yet. So I guess prevention is the only way to stop this kind of hacking. You don’t think somebody is sick or psychopathic enough to do such a thing? Are you paying attention?

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