Uber and Lyft Drivers Threaten Strike

So, do you take Uber or Lyft to and from work every day? Then you should start looking for other ways to get there. Because Uber and Lyft drivers threaten strike.

Yes, drivers are planning on striking this weekend. The reason in because of low pay and poor working conditions, according to the IPO filing. Also, drivers demand better pay, better job security, and better proceeds. For example, they want 80-85% of proceeds to go to the driver. So here is the plan. On Wednesday the 8th, drivers in Chicago, San Francisco, LA, and New York plan to strike. This strike will start at 7am in there respective cities, just in time for the morning commute.

Those are just some of the cities. London drivers are also talking about striking. One strike leader, Bhairavi Desai says Wall Street investors are in Uber and Lyft leader’s ears. He says they’re telling the CEO’s they pay drivers too much already. Furthermore, he talks about how the CEO’s will make billions while drivers will suffer. So far, drivers in Boston, hope of our computer repair company, don’t have plans to strike. But that could change as well.

So far, I haven’t heard from Uber and Lyft leaders to talk about this. But you can best believe, the strikers are. One drivers says Uber is how he supports his 5-year-old son. He complains it’s getting harder for him to survive, while he accuses the rich getting richer. Look at how they chose rush hour on a weekday to start the strike. That’s not an accident. So if I were an Uber of Lyft CEO, I would try to talk to these strikers. I’d also try to work something out before you have a bunch of angry customers as well as drivers. Uber and Lyft drivers threaten strike. What are Uber and Lyft leaders doing about it?

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