Trump Signs National Emergency to Protect Computer Tech.

So you still don’t think the US trade war with China has anything to do with your little world? You better think again. This is especially if you’re in the IT support world. Because US President Donald Trump signs national emergency to protect computer tech.

So basically, this emergency deals with potential threats on our communications. Also, the threats are specifically from foreign entities. Though the document didn’t say so, China is that foreign entity, especially their IT service company Huawei. However, this shouldn’t shock anyone. For example, last September, the US indicted several individual Chinese hackers. Now, they claim companies like Huawei and ZTE are spying on American interests.

But there’s more. This order can forever ban certain companies from doing business in the USA. Nobody really knows what these companies are. However, most of us see that Huawei and ZTE are probably at the top of the list. In a statement, FCC leaders applaud President Trump’s efforts. They say with this order, they’re willing to take whatever it takes to keep communications safe. Furthermore, they say the order will keep foreign spies from doing damage to our IT service infrastructure. The real statement is more legalize, but that’s pretty much the sum of it.

However, some Americans will suffer. Because in rural areas, some get their cable services from Huawei. They’re prices are so low that some people can’t resist. Of course, we can only imagine what this would do to the Chinese economy. And if the US bans Huawei altogether, then how will stocks in both countries react? Yes, Trump signs national emergency to protect computer tech. In a best case scenario, this will protect our systems from dangerous hackers. Maybe spies will get the message and go home. That’s best case scenario. But what is the worse case scenario?

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