The New Ebola Crisis: What can IT Do About It?

So the World Health Organization declared Ebola to be a global health emergency…again. The new Ebola crisis: What can IT support do about it?

This started when a man unknowingly bought Ebola to Goma, Congo. Goma is one of Congo’s largest cities and is a huge tourist and transit hub. But since then, it’s worse. Because now, this new Ebola outbreak caused over 1,500 deaths and 2,500 illnesses just in Eastern Congo alone. But that’s just the beginning. Then, add lack of medical and tech resources, many years of conflict, and lots of cynicism. In fact, I read reports where medical and tech responders were killed when they tried to aid some of the medically ill. Because of these things, they expect this crisis to go on for a long time.

Now some of you are going to say, “Didn’t we go through an Ebola crisis around five years ago?”. Yes, the world sure did. In fact, over 30,000 people worldwide got sick during that mid-2010s outbreak. Also, it hit real close to home when two nurses got infected in Dallas. After a major scare, they treated those nurses, they fully recovered, and nothing came after that. Thank goodness! But this incident, and others globally, forced the world to pay attention and do something about it. And they did. So what’s the difference between then and now?

Well, now, there’s a lot more fear going on, and that fear often leads to violence. WHO leaders say that until they can secure that nation from conflict, then Elola will continue to flourish. Also keep in mind doctors, nurses and tech leaders will be less willing to aid in conditions like that. Also, and I hate to say this because I know how this will sound. But these things don’t get much notice until it hits a Western nation. I know that sounds awful, but look at humanity’s track record. So unfortunately, this is the new Ebola crisis. What can IT service do about it?

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