T-Mobile Debuts on NY Stock Exchange

I thought they were already there. But one of the biggest phone and wireless?companies of today, T-Mobile, is joining the U.S.?stock market.

As of 10:30 today, T-Mobile’s stocks are at?$16.54 a share. This comes in the wake of buying out their formal rival, Metro PCS Communication. Forgive me: the?newly integrated company is called T-Mobile USA.?The shares started at $16 a pop at 9:30 this morning, so within an hour, the increase is starting. T-Mobile is the 4th biggest US wireless company, serving around 40 million customers. I used to be one of them (long story, don’t ask). This recent restructure has given T-Mobile USA more airwave power. This and their stock debut will likely make it an ever increasing force against the top three competitors: Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

So what’s to make of this new venture? First off, it’s about time! Had they gone on the market years earlier, maybe they would be in the top 3. Hopefully, they can knock off Sprint (whoops! Did I say that?)! You can thank their parent company, Deutsche Telekom?for that one. I just hope T-Moblie USA doesn’t have a stock slide. Remember how excited Facebook was about going on the stock? Look at how fast those stocks fell. Apple stocks fell 40% since September 2012. On paper, I think it’s wise T-Mobile take this gamble. But is it? Does T-Mobile has what it takes to survive big bad Wall St.?

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