Sri Lanka Censors Social Media: Blocking Communication

So I’m sure most of you know of the violence and tragedy that took place yesterday in Sri Lanka. A series of bombs went off in churches and hotels, killing 207 and injuring hundreds more. But what is the Sri Lankan government doing about it? Sri Lanka censors social media: Blocking online communication.

So right after these terrorist attacks, Sri Lanka President
Udaya Seneviratne announced a block on all social media sites. This includes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He said the ban happened because the Sri Lanka government wanted to stop fake news. And this is especially in the wake of a tragedy. However, he said social media will be back up after the investigation. But he didn’t say how long the investigation will take.

And many confirm what the president said. Sri Lankan citizens reported their You Tube down and Whats App inaccessible. One Facebook spokesperson said while their hearts are with that nation, he criticized this move. Because in a tragedy, people depend on social media to see if their loved ones are okay. But fortunately, this doesn’t happen often. However, when it does, the world takes notice. Sri Lanka censors social media because they fear social media will spread hatred and bullying, especially against the country’s Muslim population.

I agree with that Facebook spokesperson. This is the wrong time to be blocking Facebook, or any kind of IT service or IT support. First of all, in times of crisis, people really do depend on social media. Look at how people use it to let they’re all right, especially in times of disaster. Yes, some people use social media for hatred. But in cases like this, more people use social media for encouragement and love. This is why Facebook and other social media sites are needed even more, in times of tragedy. Do you think it’s ever right for a country to block or censor social media?

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