Spotify Turns To You Tube

Online music service?Spotify?has done well for itself.??Since it’s launch in 2008, Spotify has acquired 24 million users and 6 million subscribers. But why stop there? Starting tonight Spotify is taking over You Tube.

Today, they’re starting a one day takeover of You Tube’s homepage. The plot is to follow this band called Phoenix for a day, through a 18 minute documentary that will come in pieces. For example, in the morning, you’ll see a couple of minutes. I just watched this band travel through Portland, and that video lasted 85 seconds. There will be more to come as the day progress, and the whole documentary will be seen by the day’s end.

Spotify hopes you ‘follow’ Phoenix, as in use the Spotify follow feature to see what your friends are listening to. Personally, I think it’s a much smarter ad move than spending tens of million in?TV ads, like they did when they featured commercials during the?NBC talent show?The Voice. ?This You Tube campaign: $400,000. So obviously, the Phoenix campaign makes more economic sense. I think it makes more common sense too. Yes, The Voice has a huge following. Yes, it’s one of the most popular TV shows today. But it’s only on a few months of the year, and even then, only one hour a night. You Tube is there 24 hours a day, they’re are always people on the site. I hope this ad campaign work. I wonder where Phoenix is going next.

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