Social Media Reveals Florida Shooter’s Mind

So yesterday, this country endured another mass shooting. This one took place at a high school in Parkland, Florida, a suburban town just west of Fort Lauderdale. So now, 17 are dead and 15 are still fighting for their lives. Social media reveals Florida shooter’s mind.

On Instagram, there are photos of the Florida shooter, Nikolas Cruz, posing with guns and knives. Between 2015 and 2016, he also posted pictures and ads of weapons he wanted to buy. One such weapon was the Maverick 88 Slug. He even asked his followers for advice about gun costs and passing background checks. Then there are the knife pictures. In January 2016 alone, Cruz posted countless Instagram photos of him holding knives like trophies.

I also notice how in many of these photos, Cruz covers his face with a mask or bandanna. In fact, in most of his pictures, he covered his face. He posted photos of dead animals. When anybody talks about killing animals, or posts pictures of dead animals, that’s a huge sign of trouble. In fact, that’s how many serial killers get started. Furthermore, he commented on You Tube videos about killing people. Several months back, on an Antifa You Tube video, he commented, “…I wish to kill as many of you as I can”.? Then there was a You Tube video that talked about the?1966 sniper shooting at U-Texas-Austin. He commented, “I’m going to do what [the shooter] did”.

IT support may have dropped the ball, but Cruz’s classmates and peers saw this coming. One tweeted, “Everyone predicted it”. Then, another student revealed Cruz always had guns on him. Even the mayor of Parkland confirmed Cruz was a mental health patient who underwent treatment. So IT service wasn’t the only one who dropped the ball here. The mental health facility did; they should have kept him there. I’m not one for extreme gun control, but how did a boy in his late teens get access to so many guns and knives? Furthermore, when he posted these disturbing, perverse posts, why didn’t anybody intervene? It seems the only ones hip to what this guy was about was his fellow teens. The adults in Cruz’s life seemed asleep at the wheel. Social media revealed what was on the Florida shooter’s mind. Why didn’t anybody listen?

We at Geek choice want to extend our thoughts, prayers, and condolences to all affected by tragic shooting.

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