Silicon Valley and Trump and Inauguration Day

Today, Donald Trump officially becomes the 45th President of the United States. But how do Silicon Valley leaders handle this? Because they were Trump’s biggest critics. In fact, Peter Thiel was virtually his only Silicon Valley ally. So let’s look at this strange dance between Silicon Valley and Trump and Inauguration Day.

On one hand, there’s uncertainty. And plenty of it. Internet columnist and businessman Jason Calancis went on CNBC. He talked about this uncertainty, saying, “”Nobody knows what is going to happen …it’s complete chaos.” He also criticized Trump’s infamous tweets. He wishes the incoming US President would use tweets to inspire people, especially as big problems arise. But he expects Trump to do some amazing things while in office.

Remember the meeting President Trump had with Silicon Valley leaders? It did some good. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, once a staunch critic, now wishes him great success. So while not all tech leaders go that far, most are at least moving on. There’s no longer a fear of tech apocalypse. In fact, business in Silicon Valley must be booming. Because of the eight wealthiest men in the world, more than half are tech leaders.

But I’m sure it will be no love fest. Issues such as net neutrality and government surveillance will come up. Let’s not forget Apple’s beef with the incoming President about that. But at least they seem to be cordial. That’s good for everyone. As far as Silicon Valley and Trump and Inauguration Day, I’m not sure who is in Washington, DC right now. But I know this has been the most contentious and intense political season I’ve ever lived through. In fact, it’s still a common topic in our Boston computer servicing shop. So what will become of the new relationship between Washington and Silicon Valley? I don’t know. I just hope some positive come out of it. Hopefully they can work it out. If they can, doesn’t that bring hope for the rest of us?

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