Olympic Cyber Attack: Who Did it and Why?

So the 2018 Winter Olympic games are underway. But it’s not the athletics that are making news. It’s the hacking. One cyber attack was so bad they had to shut the Winter Olympic website down. However, it’s back up now. Olympic cyber attack: Who did it and why?

The hackers attacked just before the opening ceremony. They also messed up TV and Internet coverage. It took 12 hours for networks to restore coverage and order. An Olympic spokesperson talked about the attack. He assured the public they dealt with the issue and everything was good. But nobody is talking about who did it.

Almost immediately, cyber experts pointed fingers at Russia. And right away, Russian leaders denied any involvement in any hacking. And people braced for this. Just about every government in the world warned of potential online attacks. In fact, even the US Dept. of Homeland Security told fans going to South Korea to be on the lookout. One warning said, “At high profile events, [they] may take advantage of the large audience…”. They don’t get any bigger than the Olympics, but most of you probably know that. Because in 2012, they attacked the London Olympics too.

However, the world is a different place than it was six years ago. So let’s get the elephant out of the room. Look at the tensions between the two Koreas in recent months in years. It’s almost as if the Korean War could restart at anytime. But war doesn’t have to come through bullets and bombs. The enemy can attack through our IT support systems and our computer repair and technology systems. Did North Korea do this? I know North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un plays and talks nice recently. But does he mean it? Or is it just a trap? Personally, I think it’s just a trap. How can you trust a guy who does such hideous thinks over and over? I think North Korea is behind the Olympic cyber attack. So who do you think did it and why?

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