NoTakeOut is a culinary alternative to eating out.

With the recession still thinning our pockets, saving money has become a priority for many, seeing us cut back on expenses that we now look at as unnecessary.

One such expense is eating out, a delight that many of us love to indulge in.

If you?re someone who?s found that going to a restaurant or ordering takeout is no longer a pleasure your wallet can withstand, we have a great website that aids visitors in preparing meals at home, giving you all the necessary ingredients ? absent food, of course ? to prepare a dish that you?ll probably find more fulfilling than yet another order of pad thai from the restaurant down the street.

NoTakeOut is a website that helps you plan your meals, offering appetizing recipes for culinary wonders that help you both save money and eat dishes that are healthier than your standard takeout fare. In addition to having actual recipes, NoTakeOut walks you through every step of the meal?s preparation, detailing the exact ingredients required and the tools you?ll need to see the meal to its completion.

This website leaves nothing for chance, even going so far as to assist you in organizing the time spent on each step. Each new day brings a new recipe, including not only the main course but the side dishes that go a long way towards complementing your entr?e. If you?re not interested in the daily offering, there?s an archive of past recipes, giving the brave chefs amongst you a chance to mix it up a bit.

You can either visit the website for the daily menu or sign up to have them email you a new recipe each day. Until we?re relieved of the economic climate currently weighing us down, this is a fantastic site that encourages you to keep both your pockets and your stomachs full.

You can visit NoTakeOut here.

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