Netflix sets up streaming with Dreamworks

A lot has been said about Netflix and the changes that have been made in the last couple of months. We have the original change of pricing and splitting up DVD rentals and streaming. From there we have the whole division of the company, making Netflix just a streaming company and having Qwikster be the company that deals with the mailing of DVD’s and have even opened the video game business up which is a nice addition. Then we have the whole dealings with Starz. A company that doesn’t want a full sum of money but yet a tier based system such like what you pay for in your cable bill. So people can subscribe to Netflix and add the Starz package and Starz wants to get a piece of that. Well a movie studio has signed a streaming deal with Netflix. One Dreamworks studios. The terms have not fully been released but it looks like the streaming deal will officially start in 2013. Finally something positive to come out of all of this is that some studios have been asking for too much on Netflix. Hopefully more companies will follow suit.

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