N.S.A. At It Again?

In the last few days, we’ve learned more about the National Security Agency. And believe me, it’s more than any of us want to know, yet it’s what we need to know.

According to certain news articles, they’ve put together a sophisticated graphing system that can identify who our friends are, where we’re traveling, who we’re traveling with, and other personal information. They use phone calls and emails to graph where the person and going and who they’re associating with in the name of foreign intelligence. They can get the info from social media sites, banking systems, GPS systems, even from voter registration rolls. Of course, The NSA declined to comment on how many Americans were spied on with this system. They didn’t say if anybody doing wrong was ever caught because of this graphing system.? Here’s something else I learned: as early as 1979, the US Supreme Court ruled Americans shouldn’t expect privacy when it came to phone calls and numbers.

But just when you think you have the right answers, the questions change again. If rulings against privacy were around in the ’70s, it makes me wonder how long this has been going on? Or did the current NSA see this ruling and take advantage of it? Are you aware due to RFID technology, you can be tracked anywhere? Remember the new passports that started being issued in the mid 2000s? Those passports have RFID tracking devices in them. That’s right! When you go overseas, they can find out where you are with a flip of a computer. I wish I could be naive and say, “They’re only doing this to the bad guys”. But when you think about what we’ve learned so far this year, can we really say that?


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