Major Web Attack!

Be on guard today wherever you are. A major web attack that started in Europe is slowing machines and systems down globally. You can thank Spamhaus, a Swiss and British based anti-spam campaign organization and Cyberbunker, a Dutch based company that boasts, “We’ll host anything except for terrorism and child porn!”

The fight between Spamhaus and Cyberbunker is causing the biggest cyber attack in Internet history. It started when Spanyhaus blacklisted Cyberbunker. The?trash talk intensifies. Spamhaus calls Cyberbunker cyber criminals. Cyberbunker claims Spanhaus abuses it’s power by playing Internet Gods. In the eyes of many, Cyberbunker is being blamed for the attack.

According to Spamhaus spokesperson Steve Linford, the?DDoS tactic was used. This tactic floods the victim with traffic to the point it shuts down and clogs up the motor way. Imagine traffic on a highway being so jammed you can’t even get off your intended exit. Now imagine that going on for miles and miles. There’s no telling when you’ll make it home because everything is so clogged.

Though this is happening in Europe, remember has close our world is thanks to the Web. Just liked clogged up roadways keep you from reaching your destination, clogged up Internet roads can keep you from your banking, your work, your emails, your social media or any other aspect of daily life. And Spamhaus has 80 servers around the world. They’re already worried it can slow down emails, entertainment sites, and social media, from Yahoo to Netflix. Couldn’t this spat be solved peacefully? Why should the world have to suffer because of two companies? Have you had trouble with your Web slowing down? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

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