Lunch With Warren Buffet. What’s Your Price?

So what if you had an opportunity to share a meal with multi-billionaire Warren Buffet. How much would you pay for that? Would it be $1,000, $10,000, $100,000? Lunch with Warrren Buffet. What’s your price?

So one man, crypto currency enthusiast Justin Sun, paid a whopping 4.57 million to lunch with Warren Buffet. But you don’t hear me though. That’s $4,570,000 (approximately)! But how did this happen? Justin Sun won an auction on Ebay. There were five bidders fighting for this honor. Furthermore, they put in a combined 18 bids. However, when the smoke cleared, Justin Sun won it..for this much. I should also point out every dollar of Sun’s bid goes to Buffet’s Glide Foundation. That’s a charity that aids to homeless and poor in San Francisco, especially the impoverished Tenderloin district.

So Sun can invite seven of his friends. They will dine with Buffet at
Smith & Wollensky? in Manhattan, NYC. But there is one rule…they can’t talk about Buffet’s investments. However, I’d like to be a fly on the wall for this one. Because Justin Sun loves crypto currency. In fact, many in IT service and computer repair truly believe crypto currency will be the next big economic thing. Warren Buffet hates it. Nonetheless, Buffet says he is delighted to meet this young man. I wonder how happy Buffet will be if the topic turns into crypto currency.

Now some of you may look at this and say, “Who in the world would pay 4.57 million to eat with Warren Buffet, or anybody else?”. That’s my first reaction. Then I read about the Glide Foundation. For decades, they aided the poorest of the poor in one of America’s richest cities, San Francisco. This money will go to things like housing the homeless, job training and provision, and getting people off drugs and alcoholism. Buffet says this money will go to help thousands. I believe him and I hope so. In San Francisco right now, they need Glide Foundation more than ever. But if you won a lunch with Warren Buffet, what would you ask him?

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