Let?s talk about Microsoft?s money

So Microsoft?s announced a record for their fourth quarter and well it was huge. Revenue was marked at $17.37 billion for the quarter that ended on June 30th, 2011, which is about an 8% increase from last year. Now reasons for that are Microsoft Office 2010 which is being set as the fastest selling Office of all time. Windows Server, SQL Server and System Center also helped with this growth. The biggest winner for Microsoft by far was in the Entertainment and Devices Division and no I am not talking about the Windows Phone. This division grew 30% and that is large thanks to the Kinect, Xbox 360 and the Xbox Live service. No doubt we could see a surge of Xbox in the future as well, with all of the issues with Sony and there fight with hackers so people may skip the PS3 or the soon to be announced PS4 from what I hear in the rumor mills, and stick with Microsoft, and of course there is always Nintendo and the WiiU. The problem with the WiiU is that I worry there still will not be enough adult content to make it worth the price tag for many gamers. Yes it is innovative but I still don?t feel like it going to overtake the Xbox 360 or any other Microsoft systems that might come in the long run. So with that all being said Kudos to you Microsoft for being excellent in the field of gaming.

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