Let?s game: possible controller for iPad and iPhone coming

There are rumors circulating that there may be a controller coming for the iPad and iPhone for gaming. AnandTech?s site had stated that they knew of an internal Apple project that is supposed to bring a physical controller to market and whether or not it will ever even see the light of day remains to actually be seen. Even though this is not they of Apple, I mean they have never had any type of device such as a stylus or what have you to interact with your Apple touch products. So this would be a major change for Apple but is a nice good attachment to sell with Apple products and should have some solid sales from them. So the big thought on this controller would be how would it connect to the devices and most look like it might be Bluetooth, since the keyboard used for the iPad have been Bluetooth for years. Also with being able to put your iPad on your Apple TV for a bigger screen would also make you want to game on it and a controller would be a nice touch. I think this is a no brainer for Apple but whether they will truly follow up is the key.

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