Iran Enforces Censorship…Again

Back in 2009, due to an uprising, Iran’s government blocked and censored social media sites in an attempt to slow down protests and demonstrations. They found software to hook up to networks outside the country to show their struggle to the world.

Isn’t that supposed to teach Iranian leaders about censorship? Apparently not. Their Facebook and Twitter rights have been taken away after some found they could get around the gov’t blockage they set up back in 2009. Iran has a new president, Hassan Rouhani. He’s considered a moderate by many people. He promises to reduce censorship. Some of Rouhani’s cabinet members even have Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s believed many anti-censorship groups have tasseled with censors over blocked Web sites. And for a while, the anti-censorship groups opened glitches to expose Facebook and Twitter. But the Iranian censors took back Web control and the blocking went back on.

You know, with all the problems our nation has, we should consider ourselves blessed. We are fortunate to live in a country where we can log on social media sites without blockage or censorship. That’s why I’m so weay about the NSA surveillance scandals because I worry about what it could lead to. But yes, we should all be thankful our leaders will never have the power Iran does pull this injustice. I’d encourage those in Iran who are fighting censorship to keep fighting the good fight. They did back in 2009, and opened all our eyes to what goes on in that land. Now I’m nobody to tell people how to run their country. But I believe all should have an opportunity to have access through social media. Shouldn’t every peace loving peace loving person have that right?

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