iPad sales tops 3 million

Apple announced yesterday that they have sold over 3 million new iPads in just under 5 days.? Apple has given the name of the launch calling it the ?strongest iPad launch yet.?? This is interesting that the iPad numbers are being released so quickly, when the iPad 2 launched Apple did not give out the numbers but also let?s not forget the iPad 2 launch had a very limited supply and demand was hard to meet and to go back even further it took 28 days for the first iPad to strike its first million sold.? It is no surprise that the iPad sales have gone up over the years.? It is also interesting that the new iPad actually was able to hold its own over the weekend and actually keep up with the demand.? As stated in my earlier blogs there was concern that demand might not be met for the newly awaited iPad.? With the major success it has had in under a week I can finally say those rumors were obviously wrong.

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