Introducing The Refugee Aid App And Services

Years 2014, 2015 and 2016 saw more refugees and displaced people than any year since World War Two. Some lost everything due to war and conflict, like the war in Syria. But others lost everything to natural disasters. One Silicon Valley leader vows to help. Introducing the Refugee Aid App, and services.

Her name is Shelly Taylor. She’s been working in Silicon Valley since 1995. She advised companies like Yahoo and America Online during the dawn of the Internet. Yahoo could probably use Taylor’s advising now. But let’s get back to the Refugee Aid App. This app connects refugees with charities and other groups. Then these groups help the displaced get the emergency services.

Taylor and company started this app in February 2016. But now, over 400 charities use it to get refugees food, medical supplies, shelter, etc. Through this, these charities communicate with each other and the migrants they’re helping. Obviously, this is a free app. For now, the app is mostly in Europe, where millions of migrants continue to pour in. Also, Taylor’s app makes history. Because it’s the first app to give total coordination between charities and migrants. The Refugee Aid App lets the migrants know where the nearest services are. They even provide free legal aid for migrants.

It’s always awesome when somebody from IT support does something to help the world. I know there is a lot of political upheaval surrounding the refugee debate. But let’s take politics out of it. People are suffering out there. Innocent people are losing everything they held dear. Their only crime is being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Thank goodness for people like Shelly Taylor, who are using technology for good. We often hear people use technology for evil purposes, from hacking to sextortion. I even covered them myself. But it’s wonderful that someone in Silicon Valley uses technology to change the world, and even save lives. What are some ways in your life people use technology for good?



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