HP TouchPad makes a permanent cut

So over the weekend I informed everyone if they didn’t already know it that there was going to be a price cut of $100 dollars on both the 16GB and 32GB touchpad. So the HP brass thought it would be a good idea to make a permanent price cut of $100 to the 16GB and 32GB model which in my opinion is where the thing should of been priced in the first place. This is going to make the HP run extremely strong now, with these price points they have a chance of putting a dent in the market and making HP the number 2 sold tablet behind the iPad 2. This is a good deal for someone looking for a tablet but can’t afford that extra $100 for the iPad 2. I will keep my eye on the HP tablet and see what other moves it will have instore but right now they are making the right moves to penetrate the market better.

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