Google Glass Regulations for Developers

Google Glasses are almost here! Developers have been told to write guides, libraries and have?projects ready. It’s expected these glasses will be on the production line as early as May. But it will come with restrictions.

Developers are forbidden to distribute the software, advertise apps or charge fees. Other prohibitions exist as well. Developers are to?put on these glasses for?an entire day, live?with them for a while. They also don’t want?Google glasses to dominate the users life. They’re urged to keep it timely and be expected?for anything. ?These are glasses after all; how many have broken their reading glasses before? There is a series of You Tube videos that go over?guidelines?for developers. I must admit, that fedora hat looks nice!

I’ve seen some of these videos and read some of the articles. I think these regulations and guidelines are reasonable. I’m glad developers are encouraged to live with these glasses. You should never sale a product you wouldn’t use. As far as banning advertising and fees, I see where Google come from. Developers could easily pocket the profits, and they’re supposed to be working with Google. Plus, many are already addicted to other social media; do you want to add one more to that list? Timing is everything: Who wants to get info a week too late? Whose ready for Google Glass?


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