Google+: don?t worry about friends

Google+ is the place to be from what I have read. It has a cool 10-person video hangout feature and supposedly it is also free of any privacy issues. Here is another interesting thing about Google+, there is no friend request, and the users can create groups of friends called Circles in Google+. These circles can include users and nonusers of Google+. So you can actually take people out of your circle without them knowing or don?t have to worry about not accepting someone?s friend requests. So there is no worries about friends knowing or not knowing if they are in your circles, but my question really is if you are a non user, you can be sent status updates of people who have put you in your circle via email. I find this interesting because this could be a tool to get people on Google+. I mean if I bother a person who doesn?t want a Google+ account by let?s say spamming his email account with updates maybe that person will be more inclined to do so or maybe he will just block my email address. In any case I will hopefully be trying out Google+ for myself very shortly and will give you my full take on it as I wonder through all the lovely features.

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