Goodbye Google Reader

As of July 1, 2013, Google Reader will no longer exist. There were not many users of Google Reader; that’s one of the reasons it’s being shut down. But I was a dedicated user. Personally, I loved the way it helped me keep up with my favorite blogs and websites. Plus, it helped me get the very best from my Internet, separating the fluff from the real. And there really is a lot?fluff out there.?I guess not everybody felt that way.

Some say Google Reader was doomed from the word go. According to one article, they were about to shut this operation down before it got off the ground. I think the reason it survived this long was simply about timing. Google Reader was created in 2005, when RSS?was extremely popular, and before Facebook and Twitter became household names. Yep, guess who shares part of the blame here?

Social media and simple economics are to blame. Less people used Google Reader; I get that. Google wants to spend more time on more profitable projects; I get that. But what about me and my borderline Google Reader addiction? They’re gracious enough to give?me until July, so I’ll just keep reading along until then. I hear the website Digg is building a reader. Is it going to be any good? Or is RSS totally obsolete?

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