FCC and Internet

The Internet is changing, whether you know it or not. There’s already talk of selling the US Internet to the global community. But let’s talk about the FCC.

Let’s talk about Net Neutrality. It’s the belief the same Internet company that provides you with home service should provide you with mobile service. It guarantees you quality service without the blocking, confusion or mind games. This freedom has allowed social media to explode over the last eight or nine years. Those days could be numbered. Now the FCC is coming up with a plan to keep Net Neutrality, but it? includes: Using a loophole, a loophole that allows major Internet/communication companies to create slow and fast lanes how they see fit. It allows Internet service providers to negotiate backroom deals with website and app creators. Rates will likely vary, and free services could get bumped into the slow lane.

Now you may say to yourself, “These companies will do right by the people.” Will they? Ever hear of a saying, ‘When the cats are away the rats will play?’ If this loophole is exploited, what’s to stop these companies from deciding which site or app gets first class bidding? Service providers could also use this loophole to censor certain freedoms of speech. So you support a cause the powers that be don’t like? Off to the slow lane for you, pal. That’s my concern here. So is the new Net Neutrality going to keep protecting all involved? Or is it going to open a Pandora’s box for exploitation and censorship?

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