Facebook’s Massive Security Breach

So a few days ago, Facebook faced yet another crisis. In fact, this is even bigger than the Cambridge Analytica scandal they dealt with for months. Let’s talk about Facebook’s massive security breach.

So late last week, Facebook’s massive security breach happened. This breach impacted over 50 million Facebook users. That has to be a record. But wait…there’s more. This attack lets hackers take any piece of information they wanted. This means everything you posted. This also means your profile. Keep in mind what’s in your profile: names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, even info of family and your past. The one good thing is they don’t think this breach can get to your private messages.

However, there is more good news. Facebook leaders said they fixed the bugs that let this security breach happened. But in order to do that, they had to log out of over 90 million user accounts. But wait…I thought this breached impacted only 50 million users (I can’t believe I say only 50 million users). However, it turns out that 40 million more users may have been affected. You do the math. The FBI is now taking action. Although there are some suspects from Taiwan, but there’s not enough evidence yet. In fact, both Facebook and the Feds say they may never know who is behind Facebook’s massive security breach.

Here is the scary thing. I’m watching news shows address this. Even IT support experts say, “There’s nothing you can do”. Isn’t that something? We usually say stuff like ‘change your password’ or set up a verification system. But in this case, they can’t even say that. Because these hackers didn’t see, and didn’t even need to see your password. In all my 13 years in computer repair, this is the first time I ever heard an expert say, “There’s nothing you can do”! Wow! Could this be the future of the very systems we depend on for mere survival?

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