Facebook Releases Political Ad Checks

So since 2016, Facebook keeps getting in hot water over ‘fake news’. In fact, it’s been one scandal after another. Is this why Facebook releases political ad checks?

Facebook launches ‘election security’. This means they’ll check on political advertisements to see if they came from the campaign, or a ‘fake news’ source. They’ll do this in several nations. So they’ll include Nigeria, Ukraine, and throughout the European Union. They’re doing this because in 2019, critical elections are coming up. They’re also doing this while respecting local and national laws and customs. Because what works for the EU won’t work for Nigeria. They know it. Furthermore, Facebook want to have rules and tools for political ads globally by mid-2019.

But the thing is, Facebook has no targets on who can buy how many political ads. This is on all levels, from local to nationals. That could be a problem. Many in the IT support community say the Kremlin preyed on racial, political and social division to promote fake ads back in 2016. But now, India is having a general election in March. Facebook said they’re putting in ad checks for them. This year, they’re having critical elections around the world, from Israel to the Philippines. We don’t know if their checks will be ready for those.

Facebook releases political ad checks, globally.? Some may say this comes just in time. But others in IT service say this is too little, too late. I say it’s a little of both. No, you can’t turn back time to 2016, when this whole ‘fake news’ outcry started. However, we can learn from mistakes and bad choices. Maybe this is what Facebook is doing. Because political volatility isn’t just in America, it’s around the world. Look at France right now. Look at nations like Ukraine. Now, more than ever, there needs to be some ad checking and balancing. Do you think this is just in time, or too late?

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