Apple’s Battery Controversy: What Will Change?

So Apple finds itself in hot water. Because they have to apologize, in letter, for their battery issues. Apparently, they were not truthful enough about poor performance with older iPhones. Apple’s battery controversy: What will change?

So here’s one change. They admitted changes with old batteries slowed down iPhone speed. Then, they’re offering new batteries. If you have an older iPhone hit with a bad older battery, then Apple will replace it for $29. Though they did apologize for being forthright, IT support insiders saw this coming for years. Many of them screamed about older iPhones slowing down. But now, Apple has to learn the hard way.

In the apology letter, Apple says blames updates to a new operating system. They also blame bugs in iOS 11. Furthermore, Apple believes these issues led to the aging battery situation, which led to the slowdowns. Then, they went on to blame chemical ageing of batteries in certain iPhone brands, like older versions of iPhone 6 and 6S. But whatever the reasons, they’re trying to make it right. Yes, they’re reducing their battery price. However, the $29 deal is only for iPhone 6 users and will last between January-December 2018. They will also offer software updates that teaches Apple users about battery health.

Apple’s battery controversy isn’t just about batteries. It’s about trust. Some Apple consumers lost trust because of this. And once you lose trust, it’s hard to get it back. I don’t care how big of a company you are. In our computer service shop, we already heard several complaints about Apple’s battery controversy. Some vow never to use them again. I also now there are others who are strictly loyal to Apple, no matter what. But I hope they learned a lesson from this. Tell your consumers the truth, the whole truth, and only the truth. Don’t give them stuff they want to hear. What will change after this?

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