Apple vs FBI: Whose Side Are You On?

The battle between Apple vs FBI is heating up. Whose side are you on? As I reported yesterday, the FBI, through a magistrate judge, ordered Apple to help the Feds break into an encrypted iPhone. That encrypted iPhone belonged to deceased terrorist Syed Farook of the San Bernadino shootings. Apple refuses to comply.

Now everybody from tech companies to presidential candidates are taking sides. Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter stand with Apple. Civil liberties group ACLU says this order is unlawful and unwise. Human rights group Amnesty International support Apple’s right to fight back and says the FBI’s request sets a dangerous precedent. Edward Snowden tweeted the whole world is depending on Apple’s case. WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum also believes freedom and liberty are on the line. Anti-virus expert John McAfee wrote an article in International Business Times comparing an Apple encryption break to giving our enemies nuclear weapons. But not everyone is on Apple’s side. The Chinese government will most likely side with the FBI, as they don’t take individual’s privacy rights. Presidential candidate Donald Trump says he agrees 100% with the court order. Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the FBI has the White House’s full backing and blessing on this issue.

Battle lines are being drawn. I noticed those in governments and those running for government positions are siding with the FBI. Those either in tech or civil liberties side with Apple. I just find that interesting. What if Apple continues to stick their ground? Could a case of Apple vs FBI go all the way to the Supreme Court? In the wake of Justice Antoni Scalia’s death, and depending on who gets the vacant seat, what would the ruling be? How significant is this case? Was Jan Koum right when she said all of our liberties on the line due to this one battle? Whose side are you on?

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