Apple Stores begin training on iOS5 and iCloud

Apple store
First off I would like to say happy labor day to all my readers out there and of course I hope it is a happy and safe one, but I have hearing working over a hot keyboard to give you the tech information you need or perhaps want to be well informed going into the day. Maybe even talk about this at the grill today as your friends and family come over for a barbeque. Today I am talking about what everyone has been buzzing about and that is the iPhone 5 and the iCloud. The sources I have read is that the Apple store have begun it’s training on the iOS5 and the iCloud. This training is mainly done when a new phone is being released, which we all know that the iPhone 5 is being launched either this month or the start of October. Of course with that launch they will also be debuting the iCloud which right now is still under developer beta testing. It would seem that the iCloud and the iPhone 5 could go hand and hand with each at launch. If both launch in October, it will give the testers and the Apple stores ample time to be Geniuses at all of these products. For those who don’t know, the Apple store calls their employees Geniuses. Well that is it for now boys and girls, once again enjoy the holiday and we will chat tomorrow!

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