America and Europe…meet Turla

Russia has been in the news a lot this week, mostly due to the crisis of Ukraine and the world’s response to it. Here’s something they haven’t told you.

There is spyware out there called Turla. It’s said to come out of Russia, and it’s hit many government computers in the US and Europe. It’s been called one of the most sophisticated acts of espionage of all-time. These alleged Russian government backed hackers are said to be extremely disciplined in their craft. They pin point their targets to a tee. They exploit those who don’t have the technical knowledge and will to stand up to them. Of course, the US Pentagon and Russia’s Federal Security Bureau declined comment.

But this just didn’t start. Apparently, they’ve known about?Turla since 2008. Is it a coincidence that’s the same year Russia invaded?the former?Soviet nation of Georgia? I think not. Nor do I believe it’s a coincidence we’re just starting to learn about Turla in the wake of?Ukraine’s crisis. And since the US and most of Europe has been vehemently opposed to Russia’s meddling in the crises…maybe it’s a good thing we are learning about this Turla virus.?Where could they strike next? Could they strike our military? Could they strike our media? Could they strike the things we take for granted? How far could this escalate?

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