Amazon maybe Palming it

There is some speculation out there that we might have another major purchase coming this time from Amazon. They are looking to buy Palm from HP and this will include such assets such as the webOS software for the smartphones and tablets, and after the big Fire that come down yesterday it is no doubt that an acquisition like this would put Amazon in a place to show how serious they are about selling tablets and possibly smartphones down the road but my opinion is that the webOS will show up on the Kindles down the road if this purchase comes about. The big question is this the route the new CEO of HP wants to go? As we know HP was going into software solutions and going very light on the hardware side, if this is still the move the selling off of Palm would be ideal for HP. Let’s face who knows how much they really lost on all of those tablets that they fire sold. Although I must say I am very ready to see Amazon take off and try to battle in the ever deep tablet market.

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